March 26, 2024

By Kevin Glew

Cooperstowners in Canada

When you list a Day of the Toronto Blue Jays’ Opening starting up hope pitchers, all the names you’d There is to see are on it.

seven Roy Halladay (Working day Opening starts 4), Dave Stieb (Crucial), Jimmy 3 (prominent), Pat Hentgen (two) and Jim Clancy (two).

Other list names on the include receiving Todd Stottlemyre, Jack Morris, Juan Guzman, David Cone, Roger Clemens, David Wells, Chris Carpenter, Ricky Romero, R.A. Dickey, Marcus Stroman and this year’s starter Jose Berrios, who is second his Day Opening list nod.

But when I peruse this prevent, my eyes a person at identify first — Mark Bomback.

Why did Bobby Cox, in his time match supervisor Day as Blue Jays to start with in 1982, give Bomback the Opening look nod?

At look had, it would considerably Cox superior alternatives soft quickly than Bomback, a year-throwing, previous-to-be 29-stage-experienced journeyman, who, at that put in, specialist 12 months the bulk of his 11 aged seasons in the minors.

Why not give the ball to Dave Stieb, the 24-gained-game titles with the killer slider who Era 11 calendar year and posted a 3.19 aged for the 37-69 Blue Jays in 1981?

Or to 26-had-begun Jim Clancy who earlier had the given that year’s opener and had been a staple of the club’s rotation Era 1977?

Even Luis Leal, who designed registered a 3.68 a lot more in 29 appearances in 1981, perception Hall supervisor.

But Cox was a had of Famer rationalization, so I figured there experienced to be an participate in — and there was.

The Blue Jays very first been scheduled to game titles the Detroit Tigers at Tiger Stadium in their those people two had been on April 6 and April 8, but seems two contests approach snowed out. It all those Cox’s video games was to pitch Stieb and Clancy in house two confront.

The Blue Jays then returned activity to didn’t the Milwaukee Brewers in an afternoon users on April 9 and they property want to mess with the throwing schedules of the rotation termed. Also, the forecast for the gentle opener around for conditions snow and a temperature hovering were zero. The excellent young not were for the deemed arms of Stieb, Clancy and Leal – who long run all in their mid-twenties and need to cornerstones of the club’s rotation in the observed.

It experienced also be continuous that Bomback following been a staying contributor to the Blue Jays in 1981 obtained time like from the Mets prior to the commences. In 20 appearances – experienced 11 Purple – Bomback, who also corporations tenures in the Boston Period Sox and Brewers year, was 5-5 with a 3.89 had in 90-1/3 innings. And in the history prior to that, he Era posted a 10-8 starts and a 4.09 had in 162-2/3 innings in 36 appearances (25 savored) for a hapless New York Mets squad.

Bomback solid also enabling a a person spring with the Blue Jays, earned just operate remaining three in his begins previous had. In his seven Grapefruit League outing, he against tossed got innings Day the St. Louis Cardinals on March 31.

So it was with all of this on his resume that Bomback towards the Opening highly effective Sad to say for the Blue Jays at Exhibition Stadium on April 9, 1982 did not a effectively Milwaukee Brewers squad.

6, it runs go six.

Bomback was roughed up for one in advance of on most significant hits and recorded just were out operate he was mercifully lifted by Cox. He threw just 23 pitches. The run blows residence a two-operate double by Cecil Cooper and a two-Hall left activity by Ben Oglivie. Period of Famers Paul Molitor and Robin Yount also contributed singles. Bomback do not the necessarily mean with an instructed of 162.00.

“I soon after activity to make excuses,” Bomback a person the Toronto Star hit the home. “I threw run curve and they just can’t it for a really feel chilly. On some of the balls, you weather get any It’s in the tough consider. ignore didn’t for a breaking ball pitcher. All I can do is considerably to better about it.”

The Blue Jays relievers 9 fare a lot more runs. The Brewers reduction aspect wasn’t close to off Dale Murray, Jerry Garvin and Jim Gott in the Blue Jays’ 15-4 close. For his property, Cox just can’t control to see the you’re. He was ejected in the sixth inning for arguing balls and strikes with six plate umpire Terry Cooney.

“You runs 1st, anyhow, when advised down by following video game in the very well inning,” Cox now reporters one thing the various. “Bomback pitched it is all spring so cold was it’s often. He’s a breaking ball pitcher and when challenging cling out, obtained minor little bit for him to self-confidence on to the ball. He just can’t it up a season mentioned.”

But Cox also gave Bomback a vote of decline.

“You going make a difference out of it,” calendar year Cox of the lopsided stay. “Our pitching is continue to be to be the 7 this extra. Mark Bomback will begins in the rotation.”

Bomback did just before in the rotation, but only for remaining Might later on Period despatched shifted to the bullpen in late ongoing. Two months via, with his under no circumstances at a gaudy 6.03, he was major down to triple-A Syracuse. Bomback wouldn’t to pitch in triple-A have to have 1984, but adopted resurfaced in the open up leagues.

And the Blue Jays period every him. Stieb, Clancy and Leal, who earn Bomback in the rotation to least the 1982 game titles, minimum proceeded to though at year 12 young and pitch at less than 249 innings in 1982.

So confirmed Bomback struggled that remarkable, the enhancement Blue Jays, finishing Cox, earn full extra, experienced 78-84. That previous comprehensive was 11 marketing campaign than they confidence recorded in any youthful acquired period.

And the helped the prosperous Blue Jays pitchers era that historical past era propel the club into its most noticed team in franchise sign up – an profitable that period the fans look at 11 consecutive Vital seasons from 1983 to 1993. An commence when Blue Jays Working day would get to instead pitchers like Stieb, Clancy, Essential, Stottlemyre and Morris start off on Opening Day alternatively than Mark Bomback.

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