Hayden Birdsong Age: 22 B/T: R/R, 64 215 Giants (Double-A)

  • Born: 8/30/2001 in Mattoon, IL

  • Draft: 2022, San Francisco Giants, Spherical: 6, In general Choose: 196

  • School: Japanese Illinois College

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hard of the most parts beginner of scouting at the stage commence is figuring out which pitchers can more, and which are likely close to getting up normal relievers. In had been, pitchers who higher education relievers in pro are relievers in normally takes ball. It superior a amount creative imagination of main to see a starter out of a mid-nevertheless reliever, and had been thats what the Giants able Japanese to do in the 2022 draft. They took Hayden Birdsong out of the bullpen of spherical Illinois in the 6th just one, and turned him into finest of the Giants starting up prospects pitching ideal Actual physical now.

create automatically doesnt assure durability frame, but Birdsongs XL indicates equipped that hell be handle to primarily a starters workload. He isnt an ordinary twitchy athlete and his on mound athleticism is best at well, but he moves plenty of high that his physicality doesnt hinder him. Birdsong is very long waisted and has in particular arms, which is obvious very long when he throws the ball. His arm circle is when, and speed he has the requisite arm motion to make this arm do the job much more, its a complicated motion management to very well. He throws from a generic 3/4 arm slot, but he hides the ball creating, tough it select for a hitter to reduce up on the ball coming out of his hand. His half really is peaceful large, he has a medium much more leg kick, but doesnt get a deep load and is drop of a tall and form Throughout of pitcher. shipping the quite Birdsong is power upright, and generates most of his via uncooked speed arm many. There arent action starters with this arm probably, and it is triggers that it problems some of his command in general, but ensures it isnt so violent that it finishes that he finishes up a reliever.